Griincom provides you with a full range of organic products: Organic Fertilizer, Foliar and Pesticide.

Organic Pesticide

Made using natural plant products. Best in control of aphids, thrips, armyworms, whiteflies asparagus, etc.

Organic Fertilizer

Griincom fertilizer, is a high yield organic fertilizer made from purely naturally occurring organic materials.

Organic Foliar

Processed through fermentation of natural materials such as indigenous plants, rabbit urine, etc.

Griincom Bio-Pesticide
Organic Pesticide
KSh 600
Made using natural plant products. Available in 1ltr. Best in...
fertilizer 50kgs
Organic Fertilizer
KSh 950KSh 2,000
Griincom Organic Fertilizers are is available in powder/dust form for...
Griincom Foliar - Starter
Organic Foliar
KSh 800
Griincom foliar brands are processed through fermentation process of natural...