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Organic Fertilizer

Griincom Organic Fertilizers are is available in powder/dust form for quicker absorption to the soil.

Applications on the farm

  • Griincom Organic Fertilizer is used during planting.
  • Apply one handful(about 200g) per plant.
  • This is equal to three bags of 50kg of Griincom Organic Fertilizer per acre of land. It is advisable for the first.
  • time to use a higher ratio of 4 bags then reduce to 3 and eventually 2 – 1 with continued usage.

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What is Griincom Fertilizer?
Griincom fertilizer, is a high yield Organic Fertilizer made from purely naturally occurring organic materials. Griincom provides two levels of fertilizers that are only differentiated at the final processing (as explained below), allowing the farmer to choose what best suits his/her farming needs.

1). Griincom Compost

Raw Materials
Composting raw materials comprise of plant matter (agricultural waste), including plants which have high nutrient value such as Tithonia and Stinging nettle known to be good nitrogenous plants and also medicinal. These are mixed effectively with a variety of farmyard manure from cattle, chicken, goat, rabbit, sheep droppings known to have high nutrient yield to produce the best quality compost. Egg shells are also added for calcium.

Production process
Griincom composts these good quality raw materials using windrow composting method, a method that is suitable for production of high quality compost piles. It allows the composted material to attain high temperatures (above 7Oo C) allowing the destruction of weed seeds and pathogens.

Griincom uses Effective Microorganisms (EM-Mycorrhizal Rhizobium bacteria) technology to improve the condition of the soil and the plant. This is especially crucial where problems with decomposition and pest infestation occur. This technology creates an environment that represses pathogenic germs and counteracts environmental pollution allowing not only more fertile soils and disease and pest resistant plants but also helps to produce high-quality foods that are particularly rich in antioxidants.


2). Griincom Fertilizer

The high quality Griincom Compost is then fortified to produce Griincom fertilizer.

Griincom compost is then fortified using organic materials which includes: extracts from plants with high Nitrogen, urine and manures rich in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium from selected farm animals; treated through fermentation process with effective micro-organisms among other organic concentrates. The high nutrient liquid extract is then added to Griincom compost to produce a very high nutrient fertilizer, which provides the plant with much greater growth vigor and pest resistance. This valuable product contains all macro and micro elements needed for plant growth namely; Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK), but also in addition Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg), Zink (Zn), Boron (Br) among others.

Quality control
The two varieties of Griincom fertilizers are lab tested for quality control with approved laboratories.

Griincom Organic fertilizer is tested by Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), and has been found to have attained the recommended standards required for organic fertilizers valuable to the farm and farmer; and is within KEBS published standards.


What are the benefits of Griincom Organic Fertilizer?

  1. It is organic so you know it is good for your health.
  2. It has a high water-retention ability.
  3. It neutralizes soil acidity.
  4. It increases soil fertility upon continuous usage.
  5. It has valuable extra broad range trace minerals typically which provide a more balanced nutrition to the plant.
  6. It results in stronger and better looking plants with greater pest and disease resistance.

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