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Recycling of organic waste to organic farm products.

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Griincom is a social enterprise based in Nakuru Kenya, supporting women and youth. We have established 3 recycling centres in Nakuru (Greensteds, Mzee Wanyama and Mangu) Processing 30 to 40 tones of organic waste per month, in production of organic farm inputs.

Organic fertilizer promotes soil regeneration resulting in increased productivity, organic has high water retention ability making plants less susceptible to climate change, enhance plant resilience to pest and diseases.
organic fertilizer


To provide solutions to prevailing environmental and social challenges using innovations that utilizes local resources.


Establish a vibrant Social enterprise that is responsive to prevailing environmental and social challenges.


Recycling of organic waste and production of Organic Fertilizer, Organic Foliar and Organic Pesticide

We produce organic

Our Products

Griincacom acBio-Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

Griincom fertilizer, is a high yield organic fertilizer made from purely naturally occurring organic materials.

Griincom Foliar - Flowering and fruiting (finisher)

Organic Foliar

Processed through fermentation of natural materials such as indigenous plants, rabbit urine, etc.

Griincom Bio-Pesticide

Organic Pesticide

Best in control of aphids, thrips, armyworms, whiteflies asparagus, etc.



Social / Environmental

250 tons of waste is produced daily in Nakuru town, out of which over 60% is organic.

Griincom partners with department of environment Nakuru County in providing solution to urban and peri-urban waste challenge though recycling to organic fertilizer. This goes a long way in preventing environmental pollution.

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Are you interested in our products or do you produce a lot of organic waste and livestock manure that we can use in our organic production?